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My name is Fenella Rouse. I am a trained personal and professional co-active coach.

What’s that? Coaching is about the realisation of potential.

How does it work? I listen closely, ask questions and invoke action – it’s a journey you and I take together towards who you really are and what you really want.

What does the Greek word mean?
The English meaning is “actuality.” Aristotle used it to denote the time and situation in which a person or thing becomes all it can be, which is also what coaching leads to.

Qualifications and Affiliations

  • Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC)
  • JD, Columbia Law School, New York
  • BA, University of Exeter
  • Member of the New York State and US Federal Bars
  • Trained mediator, New York State Bar Association
  • Practised trainer in effective strategic philanthropy
  • Tutor, School for Social Entrepreneurs

This is me...

I came to coaching by chance. A friend recommended I take the Coaches Training Institute course to ‘add a few skills’ to those I already used in my work. I have been lucky and have had a varied career: I have been a maritime lawyer, an activist lawyer on behalf of people at the end of their lives, a mediator and have run non-profits, foundations and grant-making trusts with as many as 100, and as few as 2 employees. For ten years, on coming back to London after 25 years in New York, I specialised in training and advising individual and corporate philanthropists and their staff. Most recently, I have worked largely with social entrepreneurs and people who feel "stuck" in one way or another.

Now, I am an independent certified personal and professional coach working with people from all over the world and a tutor and mentor (and coach) at the School for Social Entrepreneurs.

I live in Wiltshire and London.

The dog’s name is Jean-Claude, or for people who find that too much, just plain John. He’s a French bulldog.

Is this you?

I coach people in transition, people seeking greater confidence, those who feel stuck in some way, those who feel there’s something missing in their lives and people wanting to find or renew their vigour. Through coaching they find clarity and a sense of direction.

I have particular experience with:

  • People of every age who are wondering which way to go in their lives;
  • Social entrepreneurs and others working in the non-profit world;
  • People running small businesses;
  • People near the end of their paid working lives, wanting to go a new way;
  • People with chronic and life-threatening illness;
  • Philanthropists and their families and staff;
  • Refugees in the UK;
  • Civil society leaders in Central and Eastern Europe;
  • People who have been in prison or care who want someone alongside while they make the transition to independent life.

Let’s work together...

I offer free sample sessions to anyone who would like to try one. After that, if people want to be coached, we make an agreement together about the frequency of sessions (often twice a month), the initial duration of the coaching term (3 months/6 months/longer) and the fee.

I do most of my coaching by Skype or on the phone. Coaching by phone and Skype work surprisingly well. I also see clients in person in Wiltshire (SN9).

Please email me for more information. I look forward to hearing from you.

Why the Paypal button?
Some of my clients outside the UK prefer to pay for their sessions via Paypal, which is why there’s a Buy Now button below. It’s easy, secure and reliable.

If you decide you would like coaching and would prefer to pay via Paypal, we can discuss that as part of the general introduction process.